Aurina, Grade A, Hannoverian Mare, competing at RIHS 2006

‘Isabelle is essential to the team, she maintains my showjumpers, both advanced and novice, in peak condition for the strenuous competition schedule they undertake’

Candice Williams (Equine Pathway Manager, Oaklands College) B.H.S.A. BSc (Hons), PGCE

Arana,Spanish mare, competing at dressage

Issy has treated both my own horses, and those I have been responsible for through my job as a yard manager and a freelance instructor over the last 5 yrs.

She has a fantastic holistic approach to the horses and is always responsive to the owners comments, making them feel part of the treatment and ensuring they understand the needs of the horses.

On a personal note, Issy has regularly treated my Andalusian mare Arana, aka Speedi, thus helping her to go on to win accolades such as Best Ridden Spanish Mare at Royal Windsor in 2008, as well as BD points, and Champion Partbred Spanish Mare at the Andalusian Breed Show 2008.

As busy instructor I know I can rely in Issy to visit my clients as soon as her diary allows, give quality treatment and excellent aftercare service. She is a reliable tool in my equine toolkit, producing healthy, happy and winning horses.

Kate Skirrow

Onyx, ISH gelding, ready to compete at his first show

As the proud owner of a young Irish Sport horse, I wanted to make sure he was in perfect condition prior to competing him. Isabelle was treating some other horses on the yard so I thought I would have Onyx checked out.

I was surprised to find that his pelvis wasn’t moving properly – now I came to think of it, he could be more difficult on one rein and was often strong and stubborn!

I was amazed following his treatment to find how much easier he felt – I now use Isabelle to check Onyx regularly and can highly recommend her.

Lorna Tait

Aretino, TB ex-racehorse posing for the camera

'I am the proud owner of a 11 year old ex race horse called Aretino. Arry and I generally hack out and take part in sponsored rides, sometimes we compete at show jumping and last year started endurance riding.

I initially wanted someone to look at Arry as he can be quite lazy in his hind quarters, and at the time seemed to be stiff through his back. I was recommended Issy by a friend and was very impressed with her.

Issy gave Arry a full check over and after gaining all the information she could on him, she gave a full body massage. Arry was a little unsure at first but seemed to really enjoy it!

I could see his muscles reacting to Issy which was quite fascinating. I also learnt that my saddle was putting uneven pressure on Arry's back as it needed re flocking. Issy recommended some passive stretches that I could do before exercise to help loosen up his muscles.

I really saw a big improvement in Arry after his treatment, he seemed to move a lot more freely and was much happier in himself. I quite often have Issy out to treat him and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.'

Kate Cornell, RSPCA Inspector

Oulanka, 2 year old CarmarguexArabxQH

Many thanks for helping my youngster Ouli who was in serious pain after she fell in her field. She is now absolutely fine and is looking forward to her next treatment.

Emmanuelle Cabannes

Darcy, ISH gelding, competing at Arena UK

As a Riding Instructor I am happy to recommend Isabelle to my clients and anyone else who would like to benefit from Chiropractic Care. Isabelle is caring and professional in her approach, thorough in her examination and clear in her explanation.

Isabelle keeps my showjumper’s and my own back in tip top condition and is an asset to her clients.

Sharon Taylor, BHSII, Freelance Riding Instructor

Bess, Connemara x TB mare, competing at showjumping

Thanks for all the help with bess's back! She moves so much nicer now and is alot happier when I ride her, without you we probably would have sold her by now so it means so much to me!!

Becky Farmer

Bess, Welsh x mare, relaxing in the sunshine

My horse Holly, a Welsh cob cross, has had periodic problems with stiffness.

After just one or two treatments from Issy I find she is noticeably looser and moving freely again. During treatment sessions Issy always provides sound advice on how to maintain Holly’s well-being.

Issy is very professional and knowledgeable, and gives Holly the same attention as any posh competition horse! I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their horse's physical condition and way of going.

Lesley Cannon

Opel, TBx mare

Issy has worked wonders for my horse...we wouldn’t have got anywhere without her and she always turns up with a smile

Abbie Ward.

Chantal, Elite Hannoverian mare, loose jumping at her grading

Issy is as essential as my vet, farrier and dentist when it comes to both routine mainenance and rehabilitation of my horses. If I notice a deterioration in my horses performance, Issy is the first professional I call upon.

My horse deserves the best, that's why I use Issy!

Karen Jackson BSc(Hons)

Alisha, BWB mare, competing at Patchetts

Issy helps to keep my showjumper in peak physical condition. She has been treating my horse for the past 18 months and I have noticed a big difference in her way of going from when I started using her, she always seems looser and more supple after a treatment.

Thanks Issy!

Naomi Davies

Winston, aged gelding, working nicely at home

Winston was abandoned up a farm for 4 years. When I arrived I was told he could never be ridden again. I slowly bulit him up and started having lessons on him when Issy was recommended to me by my instructor.

I had him treated on a regular basis with Issy and the difference was amazing. He really enjoyed it but you could see and feel where he was slighty tight in places.

After seeing and feeling the difference it made to him and his riding I decided to have my other 2 checked.

They were in much better condition and I only had a maintanence check on them. But even with them I could feel a real difference and they were much more comfortable after treatment. Then there was summer, sold to me as a difficult mare who owners could not cope with. She could not bend at all.

We think she may have been driven which was not ideal for what i wanted to do with her. Again Issy treatment made her much happier in tack and much more willing to give the whole inside bend thing a go.

Two very difficult horses to start turned into absolute diamonds with the help of Issy and her magic hands. The treatment on offer is amazing and I would recommend anyone to at least give it a go.

You wont be disappointed and neither will your horse!

Carli Sutton